Irrigation System Maintenance

All Island Waterwise irrigation systems are designed to the highest standards and require minimal maintenance; but some regular maintenance is needed to keep your system functioning. We provide a full range of annual maintenance services, including:

System Maintenance


Prepares your system for freezing temperatures by removing all water from your system. This prevents damage to irrigation pipes and other components that would be caused by water freezing (and expanding in volume) over the winter.

The process: turn off the gate valve, which shuts off water supply to the system, and then connect an air compressor to the boiler drain valve.  Most systems require a large air compressor (we generally use a 185 CFM tow-behind model).  Water is then (carefully) blown out of the system zone by zone.




Spring Start Up

Your system is re-activated, and inspected for any necessary repairs or adjustments needed for the upcoming irrigation season. Weather, animals and humans occasionally cause disruptions to installed irrigation components over the winter, and so this yearly inspection helps to find and fix these before you waste your water and money.


Backflow Prevention Testing

Island Waterwise Irrigation Inc. is certified to test your device and will complete all the necessary paperwork for you. The initial backflow prevention device test will be done as part of the system's installation. Most residentially installed backflow preventers require testing once every three years. The CRD will send you a test form approximately 30 days before your test is due, at which point you can contact us to perform your test.


Regular Inspections

Filters and Microsprays:

Once-a-month inspections of certain components like Filters and Microsprays may be advisable. Water supplies in certain parts of the CRD, at certain times, carry more sediment than others (harmless, suspended mineral particles, for the most part), and can necessitate more frequent filter inspections. If this applies to your system, Island Waterwise Irrigation Inc. will inform you and make recommendations about how frequently your system should be inspected.

How will I know if my system needs attention?

  • Watch for problem areas in your yard
  • Places where water appears to be leaking or pooling
  • Plants or areas of turf appear to be suffering (yellowing, drying out, or looking less healthy than the surroundings)


For information on the maintenance of specific components (i.e. sprays, drip, etc.), please visit our "System Components" section.

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