Useful Links

BCWWA The BC Water and Waste Association: the people in charge of cross connection (backflow) tester certification in the province, among other things.
CRD Water The home page for our local water purveyor, the Capital Regional District. Lots of great info to be found.
CRD Water Conservation Bylaw Outlines Stage 1-3 Watering Restrictions.
CRD Cross Connection Control Bylaw Outlines backflow prevention and testing protocols.
Eljay Irrigation Our local supplier of Hunter products. Managed by Karen Hounsome, the 2008 winner of the Irrigation Association's Crawford Reid Memorial Award for lifetime contributions to the irrigation industry by an individual outside the United States.
Farmwest Provides current and forecast evapotranspiration rates.
Guide to Estimating Irrigation Water Needs of Landscape Plantings in California An extensive document with 36 pages of plants and their observed rates of water use. Better suited to California than here of course, but still a unique and useful resource; "Region 1" would be the most comparable to our own climate (though still much hotter and drier than we experience in BC).
Hunter Industries "The Irrigation Innovators."
iDUS Controls Ltd.
A highly innovative Nanaimo-based company.  Makers of the Home Conservepump and Garden Conservepump, 2 great water-conserving products.
Irrigation Tutorials Meet Jess Stryker, a California landscape architect with a mission to provide the "motherlode" of free Irrigation information on the net.
Oasis Design "Original designs for living better, cheaper, & more ecologically since 1980." Art Ludwig's great ecological design website from California. Includes grey water, water storage, etc.
Waterbucket The communication strategy for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. It is described as providing "the complete story on integrated water management - why, what, where and how." Buckets of water info.

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